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The sea surrounding Kea has a temperature that ranges from 19 -26 degrees. There is no significant current and visibility is usually more than 30 meters. There are two spots where scuba diving is prohibited due to underwater archaeological sites: Otzias bay and Karthea bay. Therefore, these two areas are available for swimming and snorkelling only.


In the southwestern part of the island 300 meters off shore, lies the famous Koundouros reef, one of the best diving spots in Greece. There are rumours that a famous wreck exists there!!!!! If you are an experienced, advanced deep sea diver, perhaps together we can investigate and discover if these rumours are true!!


1.5 nautical miles from the northwest point of the island, lies the wreck of the world famous HMS Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic. The wreck rests at a depth of 120 meters, making it accessible for technical divers only.


700 meters to the west of Korissia harbour lies another important wreck, 100 years old: the French cargo ship Burdigala, at a depth of 68 meters. Next to it there is a World War II airplane, a German Junker 52. These two wrecks are accessible  for technical divers.


One mile north of Otzias bay, lies a recently discovered wreck, a 100 years old cargo ship, probably the French Theophille Gaulthier, also at a depth greater than 100 meters, available for technical divers.


Back to recreational diving: we have plenty of options to dive in reefs and around ancient walls of the island

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