After working really hard for 10 months, we finally conducted successfully the international wreck diving conference on our island, the “100 years Kea shipwrecks”,

focusing on S/S Burdigala and S/S Britannic, concerning that 2016 was the centennial anniversary of both ships sinking.

The conference was co-organized by the Friends of Kea society, the Municipality of Kea and the Regional Authority of South Aegean.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the completion of this great event.

The president of Friends of Kea society Mr. Byron Riginos, Mr. Christos Diplas, Mr. Stefanos Psarakis and all the members of the board.

The Mayor of Kea Mr Yannis Evangelou

The General Secretary of the Regional Authority of South Aegean Mr George Hadjimarkos

The Director of the Ephorate of Underwater antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture Mrs. Angeliki Simosi

The archeologists from the Ephorate of Underwater antiquities Mrs. Ekaterini Tagonidou and Mr. Thanos Stergiou

The Hellenic Coast Guard and the personell of Kea Coast Guard agency

Our main sponsors : Mr Thanasis Martinos, Mr George Prokopiou, the Greek National Tourism Organization

Our media sponsors: Kathimerini and Skai TV, and especially Mr. Yannis Kondelis, Mr. Alexis Papachelas, Mr. Yannis Spanolios, Mr. Themis Alafouzos and Mrs Dora Pakas.

Our supporters: Aegis Suites, Minoan Lines, Lora Distributions, To Spiti sti Chora, Porto Kea Suites

Mr. Savas Karakas and Mr. Seltzuk Kolai from Istanbul, representatives of IZTV

The hard working members and volunteers of Friends of Kea Society

All the greek and international media that covered the event

The speakers of the conference: Leigh Bishop, Richie Kohler, Mark Chirnside, Dimitris Galon, Angeliki Simosi, Derk Remmers, Dimitri Tomashov,  Simon Mills, George Papatheodorou, Maria Salomidi

My fellow diving team –mates: George Vandoros as team leader, Leigh Bishop, Derk Remmers, Dimitri Galon, Maurizio Grbac, Nikos Vardakas, Antonis Krents, Vasilis Anagnostopoulos, Yannis Kondelis

The diving support team: Alexandros Agapakis, Markos Garas

Our technical diving team completed successfully the mission of attaching three memorial plates on the wrecks:

One plate at S/S Burdigala, for the 100 years since sinking. Divers: Leigh Bishop, Derk Remmers, Dimitri Galon, Maurizio Grbac, Nikos Vardakas, Antonis Krents, Vasilis Anagnostopoulos, Yannis Kondelis, Yannis Tzavelakos

One plate at HMHS Britannic  for the 100 years since sinking. Divers: George Vandoros, Derk Remmers, Dimitri Galon, Nikos Vardakas, Maurizio Grbac

One plate on the memory of Carl Spencer, a great person and a great diver, who accidentally lost his life  diving the Britannic in 2009, during a National Geographic expedition

It was a great honor and a great experience for me, to be a member of the organizing committee and the dive team of this unique event.

Thank you all, once more







Our magnificent dive team that dove the wrecks of S/S Burdigala and HMHS Britannic, during the 100 years Kea shipwrecks conference, September 2016, on Kea

From left to right: Leigh Bishop, Yannis Tzavelakos, Antonis Krents, Dimitris Galon, Nikos Vardakas, Yannis Kondellis, Derk Remmers, Elena Akritopoulou (safety diver), Maurizio Grbac, Vasilis Anagnostopoulos, George Vandoros




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