According to the legal framework that has been reformed after June 2022, the wrecks of Patrs, Burdigala and Britannic are officially accessible by divers guided by greek dive centers that are officialy licenced by the Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs, according to Law 3409/2005. Individual divers cannot have access to the wrecks, neither the area around the wrecks, minimum distance 300m from the wreck is required


Penetration is not allowed


Foto/video is allowed for amateur/personal use, but not for commercial use


Its not allowed to remove anything, any artefacts from the wrecks


Regarding Britannic,  CCR divers are officially limited to 100 m depth, according to their certification limit


Divers need to be insured for such dives, and they need to provide us a recent medical statement that they are fit to dive.


Underwater Guides have to be certified by one of the diving organizations that are recognized in Greece to teach diving courses and provide organized and guided dives: PADI, SSI, IANTD, CMAS, ANDI

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