Equipment considerations:


Our base is located in Vourkari village, within St Nicolas bay, at the northwest side of the island, very close to the main port of Kea, just 2.5 km.


We use compressors having a total capacity of 680 lt / minute, up to 300 bars

We use a Nardi TT-MixPro auto blender to produce trimix and nitrox blends up to 40 %

We use boosters to pump up oxygen, up to 210 bars


We own 3 speedboats between 8.3 - 9.3 m. long with big outboards


We own S40 – 5.7 lt  and S80 – 11.1 lt aluminium tanks


We have deco stations, emergency drop lines, multiple shot lines, to accommodate the dive teams needs and protocols


Our base is located close to Vourkari village dock, just 200 m distance.


Electricity is 220V, network is really reliable, so we can charge also many batteries overnight ( scooters, CCRs, cameras, lights etc )


WiFi is fast and reliable too


Burdigala and Britannic can have really strong currents . That is why we highly recommend the use of scooters at these dives




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