Keadivers is located on the island of Kea ( aka Tzia), one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades group, in the Aegean archipelago in Greece. Kea is a location which exudes a sense of refinement and with a distinctive air of sophistication, for people who love the arts and culture and who wish to avoid the trappings of massive tourism. A perfect island for year-round holidays.

We provide scuba diving sessions for everyone, starting from children 8 years old to adults who have reached 75 years of age yet feel youthful and healthy.

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Regardless whether you are experienced or not, we can customize the ideal program for you, following the internationally acknowledged high standards set by PADI.

If however you do not feel ready to scuba dive, we can take you for a snorkeling trip with our speedboat to any of the 20 or so most remote beaches of Kea, accessible only by boat. For example, we can visit the famous archeological site of Karthea, on the southeastern coast of the island, where you can walk around the temples and go snorkelling above the exquisite ancient peer, sunken below the surface of the water, very close to the shoreline.

We have been diving and sailing in Kea for many years, and we are familiar with every hidden corner, every cave and reef, as well as all the secret tiny beaches around the island.

We just need a few supplies, some drinks, some snacks and we can have the perfect day, to remember all our lives!!

Don’t miss the chance!!!

We know all about scuba diving

We know all about the island

We know all about the Aegean Archipelago

Who we are

We have been  here for almost 20 years, knowing very well every hidden corner of  the island, every reef, every bay, tides , waves and  currents, every secret of the water.

We ‘ve been scuba diving since 1995, boating and yachting since then as well. Offshore racing on top end yachts since 2001, taken part to every reggatta and rally in the Aegean.

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Where we do it

female scuba diver entering an underwater cave with curosity. All Natural lighting used

Our new primary sea-front base is located in Vourkari bay, 140 meters from the harbours pier, right on the main road. Our secondary base is located right on Koundouraki beach , at Koundouros bay, on the south side of the island.

Kea, also known as Tzia is located 14 nautical miles away from the Athens region mainland. It  belongs to the Cyclades island complex, part of the Aegean Archipelago. Its distance from the northest to the southest cape is about 11 nautical miles and its permanent population about 3000, The two major towns of the island are Ioulida , which is located inland at the top of a hill, and Korissia , actually the town round the harbour of the island on the coast of St. Nicolas bay.

After suffering depopulation , Kea has been  rediscovered since the 80’s as a perfect  destination for weekend escapes, speedboat and  yachting trips yearround . Since then many holiday villas have been built around the island, many of them are available for rental as well.

The island was inhabited since the bronze age, constantly at the archaic and classical ancienty, the byzantine and venetian era, later occupied by the ottomans and  greek again since the 1820’s

Therefore , there are are many places of significant archeologicacal and historical interest, really important and worth visiting. The most significant of them , Karthea, located at the Southeast part of the island, lying on the shore of a remoted and magnificent bay, consisting of two major temples, the Apollo temple and the godess Athena temple and a very recently discovered ancient theater.  The acropolis was surrounded by huge walls. The ancient (classical) harbours pier  lyies today 3 meters underwater and is visible from the suface. It was about 140 meters long and 35 m wide and connected the city with the nearby islet. It is considered that the first inhabitants of the area are dating back at the geometric era (110-700 bc). The city was on its peak at the classical period . Currently the site is accessible only by a trekking pathway, 1,5 hours walk, after half an hour drive from the town , or by boat.

A place not to be missed !!!

For those who have  further interest to archeology, the archeological museum in Ioulida is a must.


There is a medical centre on the island with four doctors , one of them is pediatrist, and one dentist. There are also two pharmacies

In case of medical  emergency  a helicopter is standing by

Decompression chamber is available in Athens



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Kea is very convenient regarding transportation, especially compared with other Cyclades islands. Many ferry ships depart and arrive daily, so it is very easy to access, even for a daily trip. The first ship departs from Lavrio harbour every morning at 08.30. At 09.45 you are able to have coffee in Kea. You are able to return even the same afternoon or later in the evening to Lavrio harbour and from there back  for dinner in Athens or directly  to Athens airport.
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If you want huge massive resorts, big crouds and highways, that’s not the place for you. Kea has an exquisite atmosphere, a touch of ellegance, an island preffered by many artists,  and intellectual people. You can find fine mediteranean gourmet along with local traditional cuisine, taste delicious specialities , made by eco friendly local farms. During the sunset , returning from the beach you can chill out , enjoy cocktails, in an ambient atmosphere. If you like to stay out from dusk ‘till down, you ‘ll not get dissapointed. There are a few bars and clubs here for you.


Korissia  ( Harbour area )

One of the two main towns of the island. Located in the Southwest side of the St. Nicolas bay. You can find hotels, rooms to let, banks, ATM’s, Ferry boat tickets agencies, rent a car-bike agency, gas stations, police station, coast guard station, doctor, pharmacy, supermarkets, general stores, café’s, restaurants, bars, clubs, bakeries, dock available for speedboats and yachts


Our main base is here. Picturesque village located in the North side of St. Nicolas bay. A good shelter for boat berthing, very popular among yachtsmen, especially at the weekends.  Small beautiful hotels, cafes, restaurants, galleries, bars, clubs. Most of the island visitors preffer to spend evenings and nights here.  An upscale, elegant area, having various exceptional holiday villas.

Ioulida (Ioulis)

The capital town of the island located inland at the top of a nice hill. Rooms to let and small hotels available, a bank, municipality offices, medical centre, doctors, dentist, pharmacy, the archeological museum, the famous ancient monument of the “Lion”, and of course bars and restaurants


Residential area in the southwest of the island, 2 beach bars, 2 restaurants, a few rooms and hotels. Protected from northern winds

vourkari air